With the inauguration of RIFS in September 2016 the school will be prepared to offer students a cheerful and comfortable learning environment with:

  • High end facilities
  • Screening room/auditorium
  • Production, staff and faculty offices
  • Student lounge
  • Equipment room full of the latest professional level equipment to train on and work with
  • Multimedia Editing Lab with individualized stations for each student
  • The latest hardware and software for post-production and animation

RIFS PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT includes professional entry level and professional 2K & 4K HD Camera kits and support.

Students will train and work with:

  • Cameras:   Sony FS700 R, Black Magic Production Camera 4K EF, Black Magic Pocket Camera, and RED Scarlet kits.
  • Camera Support, Lighting and Grip: Steadicam and accessories, dollies and track, professional tungsten, LED and daylight (HMI) lighting and stands, full grip gear and accessories, including C-stands, gobos, screens, silks, flags, apple boxes, pancakes; professional fluid head tripods and baby legs, and a full complement of quality prime and zoom lenses.
  • Sound and other Location gear: Digital sound recorders, location, studio and wireless microphone kits, HD monitors …

Our facilities and complement of equipment will allow students to shoot at least two films simultaneously.

Years 2017/18 and forward

RIFS will increase its equipment to service three films simultaneously in 2017/18, and in 2018/19 with the launching of our second year program we will be able to service four films simultaneously and handle the production of a feature film. As equipment changes rapidly, RIFS will always remain on the cutting edge with the latest technologies, so that our graduates are prepared for the workings and realities of the professional world they seek to join.

Find out more at info@romefilmschool.org