RIFS is thrilled to present GRAY AREAS, an anthology TV series based on the macabre and delightfully twisted short story collection by Carmen Burcea Haber. The premiere screening of the pilot episode BELLEVIEW HOTEL was Saturday May 20th, 2017 at the Cinema Farnese at Campo de’ Fiori, in Rome, followed by a special run of the film each night for 4 weeks at the historic Cinema Farnese.



Pilot episode for the series “ GRAY AREAS”


The spring term at RIFS has involved a unique program as students and professionals teamed up and decided to make “BELLEVIEW HOTEL”, the pilot episode of “GRAY AREAS”, a TV anthology series of macabre and entertaining tales, with RIFS producing under the supervision of its director Carl Haber.

Based on the original published short story and collection by Carmen Burcea-Haber, Belleview Hotel tells the story of a very unusual hotel in an odd little town in Italy, and how obsessions with illness and love offer a visitor a very unexpected stay.


Luke Mullinger

Beatrice Fedi

Alessandro Haber

Venantino Venantini

Gabriele Falsetta

Andrea Colicchia

Elvira Giannini

Edoardo Camponeschi


Executive Producer: Carl Haber

Director: Whitney Stephenson

Original Story by: Carmen Burcea-Haber

Screenplay by: Carl Haber, Carmen Burcea-Haber and Sharde Griffith

Line Producers: Sharde Griffith & Chiara Paci

Director of Photography: Savannah Bourne

Production Design: Nina Di Salvo

Costume Design: Carmen Burcea-Haber

Editor: Lorenzo D’Agostini

Sound Recording & Design: Jimmy Lauri

Production Coordinator: Stefano Misiani

Associate Producer: Giuseppe Milano

Composer: Lou Forestieri