Our programs launched in December 2016 with a series of master classes, intensive one-month workshops in Screenwriting, Acting and Directing.

The Spring 2017 term completed with the successful production of the TV pilot episode “Belleview Hotel“. The film screened for four weeks at the historic Cinema Farnese in Rome.




Beginning in the Fall 2017 term RIFS will accept 30 students for the one-year program.

During the Fall semester students take core courses in directing, screenwriting, editing, production and cinematography, while also selecting from a number of electives offered, including animation, acting, documentary film, film studies and other courses. During this first term, students will also work in small groups and produce two film exercises and two original short films.

During the Spring semester students can specialize in a track of their choice, taking advanced classes in one or more specializations, while also participating in professional workshops where production is going on each week. Additionally they have the opportunity to make two more original films of their own while working on their fellow students’ projects.

By the end of the year, besides gaining enormous practical training in classes, the hands-on approach will allow students to have worked on over 30 films during their time at RIFS.

We have chosen to limit the size of RIFS to 24 students this year to ensure high quality, individualized attention to students and their projects.

The Classes

FIRST SEMESTER (September 18, 2017 – December 16, 2017)

Core classes                                         Elective classes    

Intro Directing                                     Film Production

Intro Editing                                        Film Distribution/Marketing

Intro Cinematography                       New Media/Web series

Intro Screenwriting                            Acting for Directors                                            

Sound Workshops                             Documentary studies

Sound Design                                     3-D Animation

Production Design                            Italian Film Studies/History

SECOND SEMESTER (January 15, 2018 – May 19, 2018)

Core classes (choose as desired)                               Elective classes                   

Advanced Directing                                                  Budgeting/Production

Advanced Editing                                                      Advanced Acting

Advanced Cinematography                                     Documentary Production

Advanced Screenwriting                                          Advanced 3-D Animation

Shooting practical                                                     New Media/Distribution

Sound Design                                                             Web series production

Production Design                                                    Screen Story Development



With RIFS’ focus on practical film experience, the films the students make at RIFS are a key component of the program. The projects would be as follows:


1st Weekend: Exercise 1

Silent, 1-minute action exercise: focusing on visual story telling  (Shot with DLSR)

3rd Weekend: Exercise 2

2-4 minute scene, based on script from an existing film, focusing on interior lighting, shooting and editing dialogue, use of music, script analysis and directing actors

(Shot with DSLR and lighting/grip equipment)

Week 6/7: Project 3

4-7 minute film, fiction, based on students’ own scripts  (Shot in 2K)

Week 10/12: Project 4

7-10 minute film, fiction, based on students’ own scripts  (Shot in 2K or 4K)


Week 5: Midterm Project

5-15 minutes film, fiction, documentary or experimental film, based on students’ original ideas or scripts (shot in 2K or 4K)

Week 11/13: Final Diploma Film

Open project in any form, genre, length or subject. Students must also collaborate and specialize on others’ films – as department head: DP, Producer, Editor, etc.  (Shot in any medium of choice)




Week 1                                Orientation, city tour, welcome party

Classes begin

Week 2                                Exercise 1 shoot

Exercise 1 editing

Week 3                                Exercise 1 review

Week 4                                Exercise 2 shoot

Exercise 2 editing

Week 5                                Exercise 2 review

Week 6                                Production week Exercise 3 shoot – no classes

Week 7                                Exercise 3 editing

Week 8                                Exercise 3 review

Public screening Exercise 3

Week 9                                Production week Exercise 4 shoot

Week 10/11                        Exercise 4 editing – Classes finish

Week 12                              Exercise 4 review

Public screening Exercise 4, end of semester party/awards


Week 1                                Classes begin

Week 4                                Production week Midterm film – no classes

Week 5                                Midterm film editing – classes resume

Week 6                                Midterm film review

Public screening Midterm films

Week 8                                Consultations, pre-production – final films

Week 9                                Last week pre-production final films

Week 10                              Production final films shoot

Week 11                               Final Films edit and post. Classes finish

Week 13                               Final Film Reviews

Public screening Final Films, Final party/awards

In the first semester there are ten weeks of classes, and two production weeks for shooting (one for exercise 3 and one for exercise 4)

In the second semester there are eleven weeks of classes and consultations begin for final films, two-week shooting period for final films and an overlapping two-week editing period.

At the end of each term a public screening will present the student films to the general audience in Rome with awards given for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Production, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design and Best Production Design. Additionally all students completing the program successfully will receive a Diploma in the Art and Technique of Filmmaking, noting their specialization and any special honors, where earned.

With this program students learn all the fundamentals in filmmaking, can take electives in subjects in both terms, and in the second semester choose to specialize in one or more disciplines.

The second term also features an exciting workshop, where students write, direct, shoot, and edit original material each week, producing collaborative series in comedy, drama and thriller genres, specializing in the aspects of filmmaking they intend to pursue, and rotating in different professional capacities within that discipline each week.  This hands-on workshop gives students an opportunity to develop professional skills and become familiar with professional protocols on set, and in development, pre-production and post- production phases.

RIFS provides a high standard in all dimensions: training, mentoring, equipment, facilities, services and available cast for student films and exercises.

The program, led by working professionals is aimed to provide students hands-on, fast track, intensive training to provide all that’s needed to pursue careers in the field, while also giving each student an opportunity to make four original films during his or her time at RIFS, develop festival-worthy films that tell compelling stories, and are at the highest professional level creatively and technically.


RIFS will also be offering students the opportunity to participate in frequent exciting special evening events taking place both at RIFS itself and in the world of Roman/Italian cinema including screenings, festivals, film premieres and Q&A’s with notable filmmakers and guests.


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