Rome International Film School

After having taken the screenwriting class, I was motivated to take the directing class as well. It was such a perfect decision to make because not every director is able to teach; but Carl Haber is one of those scarce directors who knows how to teach his knowledge and experiences to students; so that, the studetns can make most of the class and his comments. He is kind, constructively critical and eager to help. In case of any further assistance for the term project he doesnt hesitate to help. All in all, I highly suggest his class and think that he helps the students learn a lot!

Parisa Zandbaf


Recently completed the 30-hour Screenwriting course taught by Carl Haber. From the beginning starting with course registration my interaction with the School was highly professional. The course syllabus covered all aspects of screenwriting. Carl is a very effective instructor, and the small class size contributed to intensive interaction among students and with Carl during class. I particularly found the assignments very helpful. My participation in this course has motivated me to continue with screenwriting and definitely with RIFS.

Maarten Immink


Great Experience. If you are interested in film studies in the magical city of Rome, RIFS is the place to be. Carl Haber is one of the best teachers I’ve had so far, and RIFS is not the first film school I’ve been to. I attended two workshops from January 2017: Screenwriting and Directing for Actors, both with Carl as a teacher. I learnt so much in one month. Both courses were solid and effective. Homework helped a lot to practice the theory learnt in class. Although this is a new school, if they keep teaching like they’re doing it’s about time to be considered one of the best film schools around. Carl has experience in USA and UK, so many things that he teaches as well as the tips that he constantly gives to the students can be used professionally. Overall, everything I learnt at RIFS is a great treasure  and I am 100% sure that it is going to be more than useful in my life as a filmmaker.

Wish you the best.

Albert Centell Ribas


My daughter and I took a weekend class on directing actors from Carl Haber. Carl is superbly prepared, has an excellent teaching style well coordinated with slides and handouts. We flew to Rome not knowing what to expect of the course and found ourselves immersed in the topic and smitten on info. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend – surrounded by the beauty of Rome, excellent food, and learning what you love! I can’t wait to return for Carl’s script writing course.

Shelley Stark


Thank you for giving us such an inspiring workshop on the “never easy” craft of screenwriting!

Nicolas Porcelli


Mr. Haber is a wonderful professor and has so much to teach, any student is very very lucky to learn from him…

Barbara Parisi


Extremely well thought out, short sharp shock scriptwriting course for brushing up and learning the grammar of film language with a teacher who, it must be said, knows his stuff!!! Wonderful experience and every second a jewel.

Anthony Souter


Carl Haber is a wonderful teacher!! Very prepared, full of energy and passion. The class was really inspiring!! Thanks RIFS!!

Francesca Prandi

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The American University of Rome (AUR)

Spring 2015

informative and inspirational… encourages students to really think outside the box… after just a couple of months into this course, I decided to pursue directing as my future… honest feedback, advice based from real-world experience, and most of all encouragement… made me more confident of what I want to pursue in my future and how I will go about it. 

Monika Pedersen (Capstone Film Project)


I learned so much more than I thought I would about screenwriting! I always looked forward to classes… extremely well-structured…

Eliza Mcgowan-Stinski (ENFD 310 Adapting Literature to the Screen)


I thoroughly enjoyed this class… great teacher.

Krystina Garabis (ENFD 310 Adapting Literature to the Screen)


Fall 2014

I had such an amazing time in both classes… one of the best professors I think I’ve ever had. I learned so so so much… made me realize how much I love making films and writing scripts… so honest and open to my creepy creativity. Now I can’t stop thinking about what I want to make next…  

Beatrice Brown Becette  (CIN 400 Experimental Film and FDM 214 Screenwriting)


… awesome class!

Jeremy Allan (CIN 400 Experimental Film)


… the most I have gotten out of any class in college up to this point…

Shawn Billiot (FDM 214 Screenwriting)


… great semester… I got a lot from both classes and I can’t wait to put that knowledge to use soon. 

Marwan Moussa  (FDM 214 & CIN 312 Screenwriting and Directing)


…a wonderful term! 

Raffaella Clemente Flores (CIN 400 Experimental Film)


… always had a positive but critical attitude so that I could improve from an artistic point of view and also grow up on a human level. I’m really grateful for this path we went through together…

Alessia Cardarelli (CIN 312 & FDM 499 Directing and Capstone Film)


Summer 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed taking your class… I would love to continue to study with you!

Arielle Coopersmith (CIN 307 – Great Actors)


I learned so much… but what made the class most enjoyable was the passion for the subject…

Karen Chan (CIN 307 Great Actors)


Spring 2014

I really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot from all the stories and lectures.

Michelle Miller (Film/TV Industry 208)


… great semester! The class was definitely my favorite… I actually just got an internship this summer partly because I could contribute when they were talking about independent movie distribution! 

Willa Schneiderhan (Film/TV Industry 208)


It’s been a fantastic semester being in the class – I mean it when I say I learned a lot from being in it.

Marco Barghi (Film/TV Industry 208)


I am so happy with the class. It was so fun and useful.  I will miss it

Ana Luisa Ramirez Cantu (Film/TV Industry 208)


My favorite class of the semester.

Gabrielle Hersh (Film/TV Industry 208)


The class was a blast. Learned a ton and everything we learned interested me.  

Alec Shuman (Film/TV Industry 208)


A great class. It really was a breath of fresh air… I’ll be constantly improving and I know who I’ll have to thank sincerely.

Karim Sabry (COEN 310 Adapting Literature to the Screen)


Anonymous comments AUR

It was a great class. (FDM 205)

The simple and understanding way in which the instructor expresses complex concepts so that all students are able to understand them and reach their full potential. (FDM 205)

… Very clear and understandable! I liked that he has a passion for films and the making of films, and to students like me who are hoping to one day become professional filmmakers, it is very inspiring to hear all the great things he’s done. (FDM 205)

A great class, even for someone who isn’t a beginner. We learned a lot and I feel very confident on my skills after being in that class. (FDM 205)

The structure and material of this course overall has been very effective, and Professor Haber’s lectures, experience, assignments and feedback have all been incredibly helpful! (ENFD 310)

Prof. Haber shows a great deal of expertise in the subject. He explains the topics very clearly. All of the classes were interesting. (ENFD 310)

The instructor was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about this field. (ENFD 310)

I have learned a lot more than I thought I would in this course, and always enjoy going to this class and doing the assignments. I have seen obvious improvement in my story-telling and screenwriting abilities! (ENFD 310)

Professor Haber is very knowledgeable in the subject and creates a tranquil ambiance for students to convey their creative thoughts and ideas. (FDM 214)

… The discipline he evoked from the students. His charisma and personality made me respect him as a professor and as someone working in his field – to the point where I came to class to work for myself to not let him down. (FDM 214)

…Everything! The atmosphere was very encouraging and the teacher taught very well. One of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken. (CIN 400)

Amazing class. Everything was perfect… I learned so much. (FDM 214)

Teacher has tons of experience and teaches more than just screenwriting.

This class is incredible, and the professor is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. (FDM 214)

I think this is a great class! It is very thorough and has helped me gain a very solid understanding of screenwriting. (FDM 214)

I have learned how to write a screenplay… The professor has been precise in each lecture showing deep interest in trying to improve my abilities. He has responded to each of my questions making me rethink again about what I was doing. (FDM 499)

Haber is dynamic, engaging, and can offer the perfect guidance and instruction for the students. !!!!!!!!  (COM 499)

Honestly I have learned so much during his class and what I take from this class I am able to apply to other classes. Fantastic teacher. (BUCO 208)

Professor Haber is extremely interesting to listen to because of his knowledge and passion for the topic. He provided material in such a way that did not make it feel like work and the lectures were all interesting and enjoyable. The small class size made it easy for us to have discussions and ask questions. (CIN 307)

Awesome professor, love his style. Great course, learned a lot. (BUCO 208)

The organization of this course was impeccable and showed dedication and passion on the professor’s end. Prof. Haber actually took the time deconstructing each problem within the assignment and gave lengthy feedback. (COEN 310)


University of Pennsylvania

Spring Term 2011

… incredibly helpful… such a great semester, we truly learned a lot, and not just about screenwriting but about the industry as a whole.

Crystal Rivera, USA


… a great semester!  Definitely the most entertaining of my classes, and extremely helpful for me as a writer.

Danny Eisenberg, USA


… thrilled to have done what I have done, and it would not have been possible without his support, encouragement and guidance throughout the term.  It has been an honor to have him as a professor… fantastic semester!

Elia Bobo, USA


Great semester! I have a much greater understanding of the process and can’t wait to continue working on my script over the summer.

Jackie Reef, USA


A great semester, educational but also fun. I appreciated the atmosphere of the class; we really managed to become a community of writers. I also thought the extensive written feedback given on each assignment was insightful and generous.

Jamie Besant, USA


A great semester. I can’t believe how much I learned about writing and how DIFFICULT it is to write a good screenplay.

Katherine Rea, USA


A very enjoyable semester.  My first cinema class and first foray into creative writing.  I really enjoyed learning about the screenwriting process and now have a deeper appreciation for the creative process behind the scenes.

Michael Pechman, USA


I greatly appreciate the time put in to reading my updated script every week to help me improve my writing and script.  This has been one of my favorite classes I have taken at Penn.

Ned Naukam, USA


The class was great, and it really sparked my passion for film.

Troy Portelance, USA


An incredible semester. Haber’s direction and this course have had a dramatic impact on what I perceive myself doing with my life. Truly, the joy of screenwriting is something that has no comparison.

Tyler Myerberg, USA


Prague Film School


I learnt a great deal and really enjoyed Carl: the vibe, the style, the passion and the methods. It was fabulous! I feel confident today to direct a feature and all that credit goes to him. Directing actors was a brand new zone for me and his course in directing became one of my favorite classes, only next to his class in acting!

Mihir Sud
, Mumbai, India


I greatly appreciated Carl’s professionalism. His course was by far the best organized in the school. Thorough preparation was evident in each lesson, allowing for a wide breadth of information to be presented clearly and in a very short period of time. Carl made the complicated world of filmmaking accessible and never spoke down to us. He enjoyed interacting with us and encouraged us to express ourselves in debates and discussions in the classroom. His enthusiasm and love of film were contagious.

Carl was dedicated to seeing each student through individual film projects. He was the one teacher who was always present and available to help us solve problems with any aspect of filmmaking, whether it involved scriptwriting, cinematography, casting, or relationships with actors and crew. Carl has a can-do attitude and can keep his cool in any situation, very reassuring to students in the throes of pre-production panic. Carl demystified the process of filmmaking, presenting his ideas with clarity, enthusiasm and humor.

Cindy Plecko, USA


Carl Haber is a very passionate teacher, concerned about raising us to higher levels of awareness. He loves films and loves his students. Nothing gives him more pleasure than seeing us improving and making better films.

Carl would care for every single one of us personally, recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. 
His enthusiastic approach to films and the film culture which he would transmit to us surpassed any others I experienced later… I have rarely experienced such an openness and versatility in any of the other teaching approaches I’ve witnessed.

Carl opened my eyes to script analysis and preparation for potentially directing a selected scene. I gained more experience and directorial awareness than what I could have ever learned doing common directing exercises, a great advantage in my career. Learning how to work with actors by acting was essential for me, to understand how actors think, what they go through, their psychology. Carl taught me how to gain the actor’s trust and led me to now having an amazing rapport with actors in general. 
Actors feel they can trust me, they feel I am trying to get the best out of them, which is a result of Carl’s teachings.

What he discovers, he passes onto us: he would give us his experience entirely and for nothing in return, other than the pleasure of seeing us becoming better filmmakers. But Carl is not only a teacher. He is above all a guide, and those who truly chose to bind their life with the film world could almost call him a „second father“.
 He raised us culturally as well, showing us unconventional classics, and opening our minds to a type of filmmaking of high quality offering deep emotions.

He was always encouraging us to get to know ourselves, and now I owe a big part of my success to him, as he fueled my will to learn and develop. He gave me what I needed at a time any aspiring filmmaker would need it: the knowledge and confidence to step forward and make a dream project come true, to not be afraid and to delve deeper into ourselves. He gave us the opportunity to develop faster and reach our goals at a time when it counted. And for this, I will always be grateful to Carl.

Arthur Schmidt, Warsaw, Poland