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Rome International Film School
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Rome International Film School
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Welcome to RIFS


The Rome International Film School – RIFS – offers students from around the world the opportunity to learn the art, craft and business of film, television and new media, through a finely structured mix of courses teaching classic professional standards and the ever changing innovations, with a major focus on project creation and completion, giving students a three dimensional, complete, practical education in the field.

Rome has a long, storied history in cinema, and is known worldwide for its beauty, culture and charms.

RIFS is the answer for many who seek high level, modern, practical film education in one of the finest international contexts.

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RIFS programs

The highly anticipated inauguration of RIFS has begun after years of work establishing relationships, developing curriculum, recruitment of faculty and staff.

Our programs launched in December 2016 with a series of masterclasses and short courses in professional screenwriting, and acting for film.

This spring we offer a very unique filmmaking program for eight select students who will come and produce two original short films.

And beginning in September RIFS will offer a world class, hands-on practical filmmaking program, where students are trained in all aspects of filmmaking and make a number of films and work on many others of fellow students, while also gaining professional experience and opportunities for internships in the field of international cinema, all in the context of one of the most beautiful, historic and vibrant cities in Europe!



March 13- May 20, 2017


RIFS is accepting applications to be part of our unique program this spring:
We will accept 8 STUDENTS ONLY (two teams of four key participant filmmakers):


These students will collaborate on the making of TWO ORIGINAL SHORT FILMS produced with RIFS equipment, as well as production and faculty support.

Each team – director, producer, cinematographer and editor – will produce one of the films, while working as crew and in support roles on the other film.

The entire term will be dedicated to the script development, pre-production, casting, production and shooting, and post production and completion of the two films.

RIFS Faculty will be on hand throughout the process to serve in advisory roles in all phases, in writing, prep, on set and in post.

The term will end with a PUBLIC SCREENING AND PUBLICITY for the films. RIFS will also submit and promote the films for INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL EXPOSURE.

The SCRIPTS: Students applying can also submit proposals / screenplays, which will be read and judged and ultimately selected by our key faculty and advisory board members. Selected film scripts will then be polished by the students with the guidance of our screenwriting faculty members.

Places are limited so we encourage prospective filmmaking students to apply now! When applying please be clear about your experience and in which capacity you would like to be considered.

When the 8 students are selected and confirmed we will execute the review of submitted screenplays for the projects.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for students with some film experience who want to learn and grow with HANDS-ON, PRACTICAL, EXPERIENCE MAKING FILMS. All training will be centered around the needs and demands of the development and production of these projects. Instead of abstract classes, use the opportunity to gain an important credit on a quality film.


Beginning in the Fall 2017 term RIFS will accept 30 students for the one-year program.

During the Fall semester students take core courses in directing, screenwriting, editing, production and cinematography, while also selecting from a number of electives offered, including animation, acting, documentary film, film studies and other courses. During this first term, students will also work in small groups and produce two film exercises and two original short films.

During the Spring semester students can specialize in a track of their choice, taking advanced classes in one or more specializations, while also participating in professional workshops where production is going on each week. Additionally they have the opportunity to make two more original films of their own while working on their fellow students’ projects.

By the end of the year, besides gaining enormous practical training in classes, the hands-on approach will allow students to have worked on over 30 films during their time at RIFS.

We have chosen to limit the size of RIFS to 70 students in all, to ensure high quality, individualized attention to students and their projects.

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The School

RIFS has been founded by Carl Haber, an American director, screenwriter, and producer, university professor of film and former Faculty Director at the Prague Film School.

The mission of the school is to provide talented students the opportunity to learn the skills in a creative and practical environment from experienced professionals in the field, so as to be prepared to advance their careers.

With the technologies, platforms, markets, audiences and commercial realities evolving constantly, the RIFS program and approach is built to be responsive to that evolution, to equip and prepare students for the latest developments, as well as to furnish the timeless knowledge that has underpinned the field since its inception.  Students work with the latest technologies and techniques, but they are also trained to ensure the quality and value of the content of their work. We strive to see students produce not only projects that are technically impressive, but also those that can move people and make people think. RIFS offers a multi-disciplinary, fast-track program, for students from around the world, with a focus on professionalism, creativity, storytelling and innovation.

Students will learn the art, craft and business of filmmaking:

  • Film & media history and the latest developments
  • Writing skills and professional standards
  • Practical filmmaking skills – in all major disciplines
  • Modern technological skills and outlets (digital production, web series production, etc.)
  • Professional production skills and protocols
  • Ideation, development, pitching, preparing, production, editing and completion of creative projects
  • A high, professional degree of skill in their particular specialization

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A Unique Opportunity

RIFS is unique in Europe, merging American film education techniques with European cultural and international sensibilities. We aim to see RIFS named among the top, prestigious international film schools, attracting the most talented film students to Rome, and contribute to the revitalization of the Italian film panorama.

RIFS’ focus is on stimulating creativity and teaching true technical proficiency to students, through well-designed, proven courses in the fundamentals of filmmaking – directing, screenwriting, acting, cinematography, sound, production design, post-production, animation, visual effects and more – as well as intensive prioritizing on the making of films. We will turn out professionals, ready to step into the world of filmmaking internationally, each with his or her artistic and professional vision.

The RIFS faculty features award winning directors, screenwriters, producers and film technicians, recognized domestically in their countries, and internationally. RIFS will also boast a steady stream of international guests: writers, directors, actors, producers, art directors, editors, distributors, and other professionals from all corners of the globe, ready to share their experiences with master classes, seminars, screenings, Q&A’s and the like. The school has nurtured relationships with active film production and distribution companies, ready to offer internships and practical professional experience to our students as well. RIFS has a growing Honorary Advisory Board composed of select and important figures in the world of international film, on hand to offer advice, help monitor the school’s evolution and continue to assure the highest level of teaching and film production.

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Future Programs

Even as we grow RIFS will always remain a fairly small, prestigious film school with the mission to provide hands-on and personalised training to future professionals.

While continuing with master classes, special events and the one year program RIFS will also be adding a one-month summer program, professional training courses, and an exciting second-year program. 

THE ONE MONTH PROGRAM will run in June each year and offer students from around the world and within Italy the opportunity to study with us and get fast-track training in the core disciplines and MAKE FILMS.

THE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES will continue to be offered periodically for people local to Rome and the area, looking for technical training and education in the crafts of filmmaking: directing, cinematography, screenwriting, lighting, production, etc.

THE SECOND YEAR PROGRAM is entirely unique to RIFS. No other European film program has this opportunity, where students will be selected to participate in the writing, development, production and post-production/completion of a FEATURE FILM. RIFS will produce with the students a film based on a screenplay that will be selected from an annual competition open to all prospective students, subsequently furnishing the equipment, production support and faculty guidance to the students who will all function in key roles on the film: directing, producing, cinematography, production design, editing, etc. We will bring on board supporting crew and cast, help provide locations, props, wardrobe, makeup and other production support, as well as all needed support for post-production. The film will be marketed by RIFS and submitted for international film festival exposure and all efforts will be made to see the film distributed both in Italy and internationally. In this way, each year  from 2018 onward, RIFS Will be producing a feature film together with its students, and become a hub of energy and production in the heart of Rome.




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The Four Pillars of RIFS

RIFS will be structured in four main sections:

The International Film School
 – a one-year and two-year diploma program for international students in the art, craft and business of filmmaking. RIFS aims to offer MA/MFA degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting in the years ahead.

On-line Academy — Starting in 2019, RIFS will offer Interactive Internet courses and seminars, offered globally via podcast and other platforms, in film disciplines that do not require physical presence at our Rome facility.

Professional Training Workshops — Professionals, amateurs and film lovers can take advantage of short courses, often on evenings and weekends, in introductory and advanced classes across a number of disciplines: cinematography, directing, editing, animation and acting. Beginning in June 2017 RIFS is also offering one-month summer workshops for local and international students.

The Forum: Special Events & Master Classes 
– Master classes, symposia, special screenings and seminars organized by RIFS, featuring notable guests from the international world of cinema and TV.

RIFS will be producing many dozens of quality short films each year, as well as one feature film per year starting in 2018. We will help promote and distribute these films so that they appear in festivals worldwide as well as find potential distribution outlets in both new media and on pay TV.

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